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Sargent County's Sheriff's Department Contact Info

FOR AN EMERGENCY CALL 911. For a non-emergency call state radio at 1-800-472-2121.

Travis Paeper, Unit 4600
(701) 680-9742

Heidi Johnson, Unit 4602
Deputy Matron
(701) 724-3302
(701) 608-1456 (cell)

Bryan Johnson, Unit 4601
Chief Deputy
(701) 680-7285

Rick Bryant, Unit 4604
Deputy Sheriff
(701) 680-1966

Jon Wold, Unit 4605
Deputy Sheriff
(701) 308-1955

Wyatt Schilling, Unit 4606
Deputy Sheriff
(701) 680-9593

Office Hours

9:00am - 12:00pm, 12:30pm - 4:30pm. Closed Holiday's

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I call to report an incident?
Call the office at 701-724-3302, if no answer or after business hours call State Radio at 1-800-472-2121.

2. What address do I use to send mail to the Sheriff's Department?
355 Main St. So.,Suite 6
Forman, ND 58032

3. Is an Order for Protection or Harassment Order issued out of the Sheriff's Department?
No. All Orders for Protection and Harassment Orders are issued by the Clerk of Courts Office. You can contact them at 702 724-6241 ext. 115

4. What are the Sheriff Department's civil process fees?
Sheriffs' Fee changes made by Senate Bill 2142

  • Service Fee: $20.00
  • Mileage: $1.00/mile
  • Defendant not found fee: $20.00
  • Real Estate Sales: $90.00
  • Phone Calls: $5.00
  • Fireworks distributor license: $20.00

    Executions Fees include:

    • Service: $20.00
    • Each Levy: $40.00
    • Mileage: $1.00/mile
    • Copies: $5.00
    • County commission is a percentage of the judgment issued. $75.00 for the first $1,000.00 and below. If over $1,000.00 it is $100.00 plus 1% of the total over $1,000.00.

    5. What number do I call to get a Road Report?
    North Dakota: 511
    Minnesota: 1-800-542-0220
    Visit web site ND Department of Transportation

    6. How do I get a permit to purchase or carry a handgun?
    No permit is needed to purchase a gun in Sargent County but if interested in taking a concealed weapons permit class call our office at 701-724-3302

    7. How do I get a copy of an incident or accident report?
    To obtain a copy of a police or accident report, you may either: stop by in person, send in a written request, or fax a request. Your insurance company may also request the report. There is a $5.00 fee to obtain each report.

    8. Where do I look to find a list of North Dakota Sex Offenders?
    ND Registration of Sex Offenders

    9. Where do I look to find a list of Minnesota Sex Offenders?
    MN Department of Corrections

    10. Where are individuals arrested in Sargent County held?
    When an individual is arrested in Sargent County they are taken to the Richland County Jail in Wahpeton. If they are unable to accept prisoners, they will be taken to a different facility.

    11. How do I take care of an active warrant?
    Call the Sheriff's office at 701 724-3302.

    12. How do I schedule jail time, enroll with 24/7 or set up community service?
    Contact the Sargent County Sheriff’s office at 701 724-3302.

355 Main ST S., Ste 6
Forman, ND 58032

Phone: 701 724-3302

Fax: 701 724-3300

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