The Sargent County Courthouse is now open to the public from 9:00 a.m to 4:30 p.m. Masks are required.
This change is effective February 1st, 2021.

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Staff Directory

Pamela Maloney, Auditor  (Dept: Auditor)
Phone: 701-724-6241 ext. 1  

Alison Toepke, Clerk of Court  (Dept: Clerk of Courts)
Phone: 701-724-6241 ext. 111  

Alison Toepke, County Recorder  (Dept: County Recorder)
Phone: 701-724-6241 ext. 111  

Briana Spellerberg, Public Health Nurse  (Dept: District Health Unit)
Phone: 701-724-3725  

Brenda K Peterson, Health Dept. Administrator  (Dept: District Health Unit)
Phone: 701-724-3725  

Brian Tayer, EMS Ambulance Coordinator  (Dept: EMS Services)
Phone: 701-724-6241 x 134  

Marwood Klein, Asst. Ambulance Coordinator  (Dept: EMS Services)
Phone: 701-724-6241 x 134  

Wendy Willprecht, Emergency Manager  (Dept: Emergency Manager/911 Coordinator/Homeland Security)
Phone: 701-724-6241 ext. 113  

Melissa Seykora, Extension Office  (Dept: Extension Office)
Phone: 701-724-3355  

Cindy Klapperich, Extension Agent/Family Consumer Science (FCS)  (Dept: Extension Office)
Phone: 701-724-3355  

Tim Faber, Highway Superintendent  (Dept: Highway Superintendent)
Phone: 701-724-3090  

Sandra Hanson,   (Dept: Job Development Authority)
Phone: 701-724-6241 ext. 131 Cell: 701-680-1360  

Charles Sheeley, Juvenile Supervisor  (Dept: Juvenile Supervisor)
Phone: 701-671-1515  

Travis Paeper, Sheriff  (Dept: Sheriff)
Phone: 701-724-3302  

RSR Zone Social Services Department, Social Service Director  (Dept: Social Services)
Phone: 701-724-6241 ext 137  

Jayne Pfau, State's Attorney  (Dept: State's Attorney)
Phone: 701-724-6241 ext. 134  

Denise Ferderer, Tax Equalization Director  (Dept: Tax Director)
Phone: 701-724-6241 ext. 128  

Alison Toepke, Treasurer  (Dept: Treasurer)
Phone: 701-724-6241 ext. 111  

Joe Reinke, Veterans Service Officer  (Dept: Veterans Service Officer)
Phone: 701-724-6241 x 114  

Eric Huemiller, Weed Control Officer  (Dept: Weed Control)
Phone: 701-724-6241x108    

Code Red
CodeRed Notification System

COVID-19 Resources

SC Covid 19 Business Grant App (PDF)

News & Updates

Sargent County Multi-Hazardous Mitigation Plan (PDF)
(Updated 04/05/2021)

Winter Weather Preparation (PDF)
(Updated 10/26/2020)

General Courthouse Contact

355 Main Street South
Forman, ND 58032

Phone: 701-724-6241

Fax: 701-724-6244

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Dept. hours may vary. Please check department page for further info.

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