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Auditor Contact Info

Pamela Maloney, Auditor
(701) 724-6241 ext. 108

Sharon Halmrast, Chief Deputy Auditor
(701) 724-6241 ext. 110

Teddie Lee, Deputy Auditor
(701) 724-6241 ext. 109

Duane Peterson, Human Resources Director

About the Auditor

The Auditor's Office is the hub of every courthouse. As defined by the North Dakota Century Code, the auditor is the chief financial officer, the elections officer, and Executive Secretary for the county commission. Most auditor's are also responsible for a broad range of other administrative duties including the budget process, computing market and taxable land valuation for taxation purposes, preparing levies, tax lists and abstracts as well as assisting townships, cities, park boards and fire districts with budget preparation. The auditor's office disburses tax money collected for these political subdivisions at the appropriate time. All deeds, patents, and contract for deeds brought to the County Recorders' office for recording must be transferred by the auditor's office to certify that delinquent taxes are paid. The county auditor is responsible for the distribution and collection of hunting and fishing licenses between vendors, the general public and North Dakota Game and Fish Department. Other duties include maintaining an inventory of fixed assets, reviewing and updating insurance coverage for county property, handling personnel issues, including group insurance programs, flexible compensation plans and personnel policies. The County Auditor is elected by the voters of Sargent County every four years and takes office on the first Monday of April following the election.

355 Main Street South
Forman, ND 58032

Phone: 701-724-6241 ext. 1

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM, 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM

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