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Sargent County District Health Unit provides immunizations to infants, children, and adults. Vaccines prevent disease in the people who receive them and protect those who come in contact with unvaccinated people.

Immunizations are available Monday - Friday. Call for an appointment at 701-724-3725.

Recommenced Childhood Immunizations

Get the best protection for your child - make sure your child is immunized on schedule. For a list of recommended immunizations go to:

Schools and Childcare Requirements:

Children may qualify for vaccine through the Vaccine for Children (VFC) program. VFC-eligible children are those who are 18 and younger and meet one of the following criteria: no health insurance, Medicaid eligible, Native American or Alaskan Native, underinsured.

Sargent County District Health Unit can also bill your health insurance for immunizations.

Adult Immunizations

Vaccines aren't just for kids. Everyone from young adults to senior citizens can benefit from immunizations.

Immunization Record Request (

To see pictures of vaccine preventable diseases in disease process go to:

Current CDC Schedule:

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